There are new characters added every update. There are currently 123 characters divided into 4 groups.

Rarely a prize box will give you a gold version of a character, which is listed at the bottom of the character list as a separate character from the regular version. A gold version has the same skills as its regular counterpart.

All characters have a unique item they collect, their own sound effects, and a different color scheme for the UI, giving the game a different feel for every character. Some characters change the theme of the stages (beach, underwater, etc) or add a filter to the screen. Some make subtle changes to the lighting, sky, or have other small easter eggs like a unique death model.

Each character having a Catch Phrase was discontinued after the original set of characters.


Character Image Name Likes Skill Theme Catch Phrase
IMG 0001 Turny Maps +5 found all bonus None "Pretty Brave"
IMG 3933 Umbrella Gumboots +1 second hover time Raining "Ella. Ella"
IMG 3927 Astronaut Oxygen Tanks +1 second hover time None "Giant Leaps"
Sheriff Badges -100% chance of cages Old West Sunset
Cowgirl Horses -75% freeze time Old West Sunset
Piano Man Music 25% slower enemies Old West
Outlaw Dynamite +5 items per Hot Sauce kill Old West Sunset
Showgirl Roses +50% collect magnet size Old West
Beach Bro Dumbbells +25% chance of Hot Sauce Beach
Summer Girl Popsicles +75% chance of rabbits Beach
IMG 3994 Tooth Fairy Teeth +100% coins from quests None "Totally exists"
IMG 3969 Cat Enthusiast Cats +50% collect magnet size None "Wants all the cats"
IMG 0002 Old Timey Gramophones -75% freeze time Sepia with photo border "Back in my day..."
IMG 0003 Ninja Watermelons -25% enemy alert range None "Very juicy"
IMG 0004 Tiny Princess Unicorns 25% smaller enemies Pink enemies "I said PINK"
IMG 0005 Pirate Treasure +5 seconds Hot Sauce None "Yarrrrr"
Officer bobby Officer Bobby Donuts -100% chance of cages None
IMG 0006 Anime Hero Onigiri 50% slower bears None "Powering up"
IMG 3906 Witch Cauldrons 50% slower pogosauars Green Night "Curse You"
IMG 0007 Party Guy Doofs 75% slower snowballs None "Hands in the air!"
IMG 0008 Ballerina Bouquets +75% chance of rabbits None "Perfect pirouette"
Landsliders Knight Knight Chalices -25% spike size None
IMG 0009 RPG Hero EXP +25% chance of Hot Sauce None "Health bars for all!"
Quarterback Quarterback Footballs 25% smaller enemies None
Landsliders Basketballer Basketballer Basketballs 25% smaller enemies None
Angel Angel Harps +5 items per Hot Sauce kill Brighter
2016-04-12 15.13.24 Bitcoin Billionaire Bitcoins +100% coins from quests None
IMG 0010 Contractor Contracts +75% chance of rabbits None "Will code for food"
Mermaid Mermaid Shells +5 found all bonus Underwater
IMG 0017 8-Bit Turny 8-Bit Maps -25% spike size None "Bleep bloop"
IMG 0032 Stickman Pencils +5 found all bonus None "One-dimensional"
IMG 0035 Luke Stickers +5 items per Hot Sauce kill None "Designs things"
IMG 0036 Baz Dog Boats +5 seconds Hot Sauce None "TODO:"
IMG 0037 Hugh Manikins +5 found all bonus None "Hugh? Who?"
IMG 0038 Phil Burgers +75% chance of rabbits None "Likes extra cheese"
Szevvy Szevvy Tape Dispensers +5 seconds Hot Sauce None


Character Image Name Likes Skill Theme Catch Phrase
IMG 0012 Dog Bones +5 seconds Hot Sauce None "Yay, everything"
Panda Panda Bamboo -75% freeze time None
IMG 0011 Party Giraffe Carrots +100% coins from quests None "Parties hardy"
IMG 3907 Lazy Cat Food Bowls +50% collect magnet size None "So lazy"
2016-04-12 15.15.19 Baby Chicken Other Chickens 25% smaller enemies None
Turkey Turkey Cranberry Sauce -25% spike size None
IMG 0014 Lion Steaks 25% slower enemies Sunset "Naaaa"
2016-04-12 15.16.17 Jellyfish Clown Fish 50% slower bears Underwater
Shark Shark Fish 50% slower bears Underwater
IMG 0015 Elephant Peanuts 50% slower pogosaurs None "Where's my elephant?"
Longhorn Clowns -100% chance of cages Old West
2016-04-12 15.17.09 Seal Circus Balls +50% collect magnet size None
IMG 0016 Penguin Bowties 75% slower snowballs None "Formal fun"
IMG 0013 Koala Eucalyptus -75% freeze time None "Can't talk. Eating."
2016-04-12 15.18.06 Triceratops Tricycles +5 items per Hot Sauce kill None
IMG 3926 Crossy Chicken Crossy Coins +100% coins from quests None "Endless hopper"


Character Image Name Likes Skill Theme Catch Phrase
IMG 3908 Clothes Dryer Socks +25% chance of Hot Sauce None "Nom nom socks"
IMG 0018 Cup of Joe Coffee Beans +5 items per Hot Sauce kill None "COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE"
IMG 0019 Cookie Milks -100% chance of cages None "Cookie collector 2"
IMG 0021 Toilet Plungers +5 found all bonus None "It's humorous"
Beach Ball Seagulls -25% spike size Beach
Tumbleweed Twigs 75% slower snowballs Old West
Cactus Balloons +5 found all bonus Old West
IMG 3909 Joystick Cartridges -25% spike size None "Trees = Spikes"
IMG 0020 Toaster Bread 25% slower enemies None "Medium Brown"
IMG 3910 Bowling Ball Pins +1 second hover time None "Strike!"
IMG 0022 Mr. Fridge Milks 50% slower bears None "To the milk bar"
IMG 0023 Lightbulb Electricity 50% slower pogosaurs Lighting goes dim, brightens when item collected "Thanks, Edison"
Fireworks Match Fireworks Match Fireworks +25% chance of Hot Sauce Night
IMG 0024 Photogenic Tacos Likes 75% slower snowballs Overbright contrast with photo border "Ridiculous"
IMG 0025 Boulder Adventurers 25% slower enemies None "Adventurers beware"
IMG 0026 Taxi Passengers +5 seconds Hot Sauce None "So retro"
2016-04-12 15.35.29 Helicopter People +1 second hover time Sunset
Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Missiles 25% slower enemies Sunset
IMG 0027 UFO Cows +1 second hover time Alien Night "It's out there"
IMG 0028 Cloud Rain drops +1 second hover time Gray Sky "Silver linings"
IMG 3922 Black Hole Planets +50% collect magnet size Screen warp pinching into center "What even is a black hole?"
IMG 0029 Abstract Things 50% slower pogosaurs Grayscale except for items, geometric primitives instead of foliage "Detail is over-rated"
IMG 0030 Carbon Rod Medals 50% slower bears None "In Rod We Trust"
IMG 3995 Tornado Houses +50% collect magnet size Gray Sky, Dark "And YOU were there"
IMG 0031 Wacky Tube Man Flags 75% slower snowballs None "Arm flailing"
IMG 0033 Glitch Bugs +5 seconds Hot Sauce Vertex distortion phases in and out "pQ?od2)*&^"
IMG 0034 Prettygrater Cheese -75% freeze time None "Worst. Pun. Ever."


Character Image Name Likes Skill Theme Catch Phrase
Tree Costume Tree Costume Baubles -25% enemy alert range Decorated trees and fences
Present Costume Present Costume Presents -20% chance of cages Decorated trees and fences
Elf Elf Tools 25% smaller enemies Christmas
Sledder Sledder Candy Canes -25% spike size Christmas
Nutcracker Nutcracker Nuts +100% coins from quests None
GingerBreadMan Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Houses +25% chance of Hot Sauce None
Comet Comet Bells -75% freeze time Christmas
Snowman Snowman Snowflakes 75% slower snow balls Christmas
Krampus Krampus Toys -25% enemy alert range Christmas Night
MrsClaus Mrs Claus Holly +50% collect magnet size Christmas
Santa. Santa Claus Milk & Cookies -25% spike size Christmas
Frosty Frosty Flowers (*game says Flowers, but also collects Brooms and Pipes) +5 found all bonus Christmas
Dreidel Dreidel Chocolate Coins +75% chance of rabbits None
2016-04-12 15.14.22 Rabbit Onesie Egg Baskets +75% chance of rabbits None
2016-04-12 15.18.45 Chocolate Rabbit Chocolate Candy -100% chance of cages None
Shrek Onions -25% enemy alert range Shrek
Big Bad Wolf Picnic baskets +5 items per Hot Sauce kill Shrek
Donkey Waffles +1 second hover time Shrek
Dragon Dronkeys +1 second hover time Shrek
Fiona Bluebirds 75% slower snowballs Shrek
Puss In Boots Boots 50% slower pogosaurs Shrek
Gingy Gumdrop buttons +25% chance of Hot Sauce Shrek
Pinocchio Hats 50% slower pogosaurs Shrek
Three Blind Mice Glasses 50% slower bears Shrek
Lord Farquaad Goblets +100% coins from quests Shrek
Rat 鼠 Cheese 25% smaller enemies Chinese New Year
Ox 牛 Cowbells (*game leaves name blank) -100% chance of cages Chinese New Year
Tiger 虎 Balls of yarn -20% enemy alert range Chinese New Year
Rabbit 兔 Carrots +75% chance of rabbits Chinese New Year
Dragon 龙 Flaming Pearls +25% chance of Hot Sauce Chinese New Year
Snake 蛇 Eggs +5 items per Hot Sauce kill Chinese New Year
Horse 马 Horse Shoes +75% chance of rabbits Chinese New Year
Goat 羊 Tin Cans +1 second hover time Chinese New Year
Monkey 猴 Bananas +50% coin magnet size Chinese New Year
Rooster 鸡 Grains +25% chance of Hot Sauce Chinese New Year
Dog 狗 Dog Biscuits 25% smaller enemies Chinese New Year
Pig 豬 Daisies 75% slower snowballs Chinese New Year
Lion Dancers Lanterns +5 seconds Hot Sauce Chinese New Year Night
IMG 4008 Zombie Brains -25% enemy alert range Red Night "Braaaaaaaaains"
IMG 4007 Ms Calavera Sugar Skulls 50% slower bears Halloween Dusk "Dia de los Muertos"
IMG 4006 Sarcophagus Scarabs 50% slower pogosaurs Halloween "Curse of the Pharaohs"
IMG 4005 Wren Candy +5 item found all bonus Halloween Sunset "Questing in costume"
IMG 4004 Reynold Candy +100% coins from quests Halloween Sunset "Questing in costume"
Vampire Vampire Blood 25% slower enemies Halloween Night with lightning flashes